Demo Alpha Version 0.1.3 + french version

New demo version update, with the Day/Night and Time systems. The available parts of the castle has also increased to include the private rooms. Doing a few tests in the demo I noticed some missing files were causing the battles to freeze. I'm surprised nobody reported it ?!

There's also a new french texts version demo  also available (the [fr] file). The menus and names are still in english though and I know I missed some texts, so I apologize for the remaining bits of english. I'll improve it eventually, but for now please enjoy it as it is.

So here's the details about the 0.1.3 version (version file also available in the game folder) :

  • SYSTEM :
    • New Day and Night system.
    • Private events now only occur in private rooms.
    • Party members now use distinct conversations related to the game progression at HQ during the day.
    • New Time system (game hour available on the wall clocks).
    • Removed the main menu stats.
    • Disabled ability to walk through walls for NPCs.
  • SKILLS :
    • Water and Ice magics are now based on magic defense.
  • MAPS :
    • Updated castle floors.
    • Added a visual Fate Tablet on HQ 3rd floor.
  • EVENTS :
    • Various texts corrections and updates.
    • Changed Minuit's location in HQ.
    • Updated Berz capture CS.
    • Updated Aguila, Tanel, Verana, Melchior, Christina, Luc, Henker, Balthazar, Mina and Melios day talks.
    • Updated Arwen recruitment event.
    • Added a visual Social Status on the hero's desk.
    • Removed everyone from the war room.
  • BUGS :
    • The sailor's house repairs were more expensive from the tavern.
    • Some animation files were missing causing the game to freeze during battles.


Galdmaril - A_Demo[en].zip 203 MB
Oct 29, 2018
Galdmaril - A_Demo[fr].zip 203 MB
Oct 30, 2018

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