Game Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.35

Two weeks have passed since the last game update, yet this version can seem pretty poor in content. It was really a lot of writing for all the party members private events, and it's finally done ! I won't pretend they're all "equal", but I made an effort to make them all relevant in some way. They all give more depth to the character or the plot, and they certainly highlight the characters individualities.

Game version 0.0.35 update content :

  • SYSTEM :
    • Changed the way affection pooints are gained in HQ.
    • New Good/Bad points gain pop-up.
  • MAPS :
    • 6 maps updated.
  • EVENTS :
    • Various texts corrections and updates.
    • 12 characters night talks updated.
    • 14 characters new private events.
    • Arcadia villagers Day/Night talks updated to be different.
    • 4 characters private events updated.
    • 1 event updated.
    • 1 character day talk updated.
  • NPC :
    • 21 new NPC in Arcadia.
  • BUGS :
    • The BGM doesn't reset anymore between scenes during the flashback intro.

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