Game Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.37

This update finally brings more purpose to every party members (particularly the passive ones). Growing trees, harvesting, getting some hints, gathering animals, recruiting guards, making the town more "alive". That's a lot of new mini-features making the whole town its own kind of mini-game.

Arcadia is also finally completed. The design will probably change, but all the buildings have been added, so no more empty lots when the player manages to find everyone and everything. The characters also have updated behaviors according to the state of the town. Once the town/castle are cleaned, they may randomly be at one of their "favorite" locations (tavern, bath, theatre, ...). That way the town changes every day, and you may be surprised by who you see when entering a room or building.

Game version 0.0.37 update in short :

  • SYSTEM :
    • New Daily Life system in Arcadia.
  • ITEMS :
    • 4 new items.
  • MAPS :
    • 1 map updated.
    • 6 new interior maps.
  • EVENTS :
    • Various new texts for arcadians according to place, time and their respective events.
    • 6 new events.
    • New seeds shop.
  • NPC :
    • 5 new NPC.
  • BUGS :
    • In most cases, the night Time was wrong.

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