​Demo Alpha Version 0.1.4

Huge demo version update that includes past game updates and some new features from the still in progress first Game Alpha version. Hopefully, I didn't miss any game crashing bug. Please let me know if you find one. See the full update log below for more informations.

The french version has also been updated accordingly (the [fr] file). The menus and names are still in english, but I hopefully took care of the previously forgotten parts. The messages and choices texts should all be in french.

Here's the content of this 0.1.4 version (version file also available in the game folder) :

  • SYSTEM :
    • Night talks don't grant affection points anymore, but day talks do.
    • New Align points gain/loss pop-up.
    • Updated recruitment pop-up.
    • Align :
      • Updated thresholds (values and names).
      • Updated pop-up (design and sound).
    • New affection pop-up.
    • New Daily Life system in Arcadia.
    • The characters now fully recover HP and MP on level up.
    • Negative status can now be removed by priests.
    • Auto key words coloration (partial).
    • New Weather system.
    • New Passive Skills System.
    • New pop-ups when leveling up affection after battle or talk.
    • New Full Screen option.
    • Deactivated F keys functions to avoid mishandling.
    • New Piano system.
    • New Exit option on the Quit window.
    • Display skills and items names in battle.
    • Cooking recipes.
    • Sorted Magic skills order.
    • Evil path available.
    • Updated starting items and gold.
  • DESIGN :
    • Updated battle portraits (background).
    • Battle turn order is now displayed vertically.
    • Framed message window portraits.
    • Updated starting gear for Tanel and Aguila.
    • Removed some of the hero's resistances.
  • SKILLS :
    • Theft : Updated report design.
    • Revive 1 : now based on magic defense and a bit more powerful.
    • 8 new passive skills.
    • Removed Elmy cost from Special Powers.
    • Taunt : Renamed Cover, protect weaken allies.
    • Unbreakable Shield : Taunt enemies.
    • Trance : Put the hero in trance mode.
    • The Hero's Special Powers are now accessible only when in trance mode.
  • ITEMS :
    • 4 new armors.
    • 4 new items (seeds).
    • Ondine gear stats updated.
    • 4 new ingredients.
  • MAPS :
    • New Arcadia castle bath.
    • Updated Arcadia Town.
    • New Arcadia embassies.
    • New Evil Castle maps.
    • Updated Mercenaries events.
  • EVENTS :
    • Various texts corrections and updates.
    • Updated Minuit, Meg, Arthur night talks.
    • Updated Arcadia villagers talks to be different between day and night.
    • Updated Mina, Melios, Christina and Melchior private events.
    • New Elements and States Tutorial entries.
    • New tuto events in the castle's library (elements and states).
    • New bath mini-events.
    • New animals gathering (not in the areas available in this demo).
    • New tree events.
    • Updated Arcadia boy and girl night text.
    • New guards recruitment event.
    • New field management.
    • New Seeds shop.
    • New rumors and facts event.
    • Various new texts for arcadians according to place and time.
    • Removed footsteps sounds from the forest maps transitions.
  • BUGS :
    • In most cases, the night Time was wrong.
    • There were some references to the Limit Gauge left in the 1st battle tuto.
    • There was a small visual bug on some chairs.
    • The Limit Gauge tuto wasn't accurate (based on old GUI).
    • In some cases the Day/Night system could skip hours or days.
    • In some cases the timers for taxes could get wrong.
    • Sleep and paralyze debuff weren't expiring properly.
    • The Day/Night system is now paused during dialogs.
    • The screen doesn't fadeout anymore when switching between night and day during battle.
    • Fixed a bug occuring when using the space key in text input windows.
    • In some cases the characters pictures weren't properly displayed in some menus.
    • Fixed a small passability bug on Asgardia castle maps.
    • Cure and Antidote weren't removing every abnormal state.


Galdmaril - A_Demo[en].zip 204 MB
May 06, 2019
Galdmaril - A_Demo[fr].zip 204 MB
May 06, 2019


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I just reuploaded the files. Some pictures were missing that could most likely cause the game to crash when gaining/loosing align points.