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​Demo Alpha Version 0.1.4
Huge demo version update that includes past game updates and some new features from the still in progress first Game Alpha version. Hopefully, I didn't miss any...
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Game Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.40
I've been delaying this update for a while now, because it's most likely the last one before the first Alpha version, and I wanted to have a playable Act 2. Eve...
Game Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.39
Happy New Year everyone ! My work has been slowed down a bit those last few weeks by some computer issues and a short winter break, but it's still progressing...
Game Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.38
This is one huge update. I playtested from the start all of Act 1 and the beginning of Act 2 + most of the optional content. The detailed bug list is kinda scar...
Game Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.37
This update finally brings more purpose to every party members (particularly the passive ones). Growing trees, harvesting, getting some hints, gathering animals...
Game Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.36
Pretty big optional content improvement with this update. I focused mostly on giving more perks to the optional allies and also improved a lot on the dwarf trad...
Game Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.35
Two weeks have passed since the last game update, yet this version can seem pretty poor in content. It was really a lot of writing for all the party members pri...
Demo Alpha Version 0.1.3 + french version
New demo version update, with the Day/Night and Time systems. The available parts of the castle has also increased to include the private rooms. Doing a few tes...
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I'm making this thread to gather feedbacks and questions about the demo version. Feel free to leave a comment.
started by TWings Sep 02, 2018
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